Friday, July 30, 2010

August and hopefully beyond......

So this month they're are a couple changes in my yoga schedule. I'm working at Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts in Westhampton Monday 5:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm, and just through August and weather permitting a little into September Yoga in the Yard Saturdays 4-5pm. Also starting Aug. 8th at The Villa Paul in Hampton Bays will be hosting a Sunday 10am class. So those are the public classes right now. But, I'm also doing a lot of Private classes with anyone who wants them. So, I'm VERY, VERY open to taking on more. I LOVE privates. They give me the opertunity to get to know the student's needs on a totally different level.

So, overall, I'm really digging this schedule. I really like having the opertunity to cater to everyone. So, feel free to call if you want a private, 631-708-6098 or check my Facebook for super current listings of classes.
I'm subbing classes randomly too.

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