Monday, June 6, 2011

June 2011- Community

Hi Everyone,
This summer is wrapped around community. I feel like in my life's journey one thing I really need more of is genuine people feeding into my life. I don't just mean me feeding from other people, but, more so, me feeding into other people. I love that my life consists of yoga, music, and art, all three are beautiful avenues to give.
So, on that note.... I have a Hampton Bays Library class on Wednesday nights from 6-7pm, open to all levels. The best part is, it's only $5, you can't beat that! Also starting in July, I will be doing an 8 week series with the Westhampton Library at Roger's Memorial Beach. That class is a sign up class so if you're interested call the library for more information. Also, I'm still offering privates so call about that, in the sense of giving I'm willing to work with anyone no matter their income. So, please call. Everyone deserves yoga.
Back to community, I believe it's very important no matter who you are to have good, nuturing people in your life. We all need a support group, our world has been changing so dramaticly in our lifetimes that if we don't have people to cling to in times of need, what really do we have? What are we going to take with us after this journey is over? It's not about what you do at all, it's about each moment. Do you take time to breathe? What is your life asking of you? Have you ever even taken the time to ask your self what it is that you need? Ask in each moment, give yourself a constant dialogue with your body and your mind. We all need beauty, truth, and life. And most of all, above all other things.... love. Remember, if you don't love yourself first, who else will? I encourage you to give yourself each moment, as a gift, you deserve the space between the breath. Just pause..... and take it all in.