Friday, June 4, 2010

Thirty Oh Thirty

The year of 30,
So many people are afraid of 30. Don't be scared, 30 is the best age so far...... You relinquish all the searchings of your 20's and have the opportunity to embrace a new more realistic you. Be at ease with the new coming. Understand that life has stages and experience makes these stages more beautiful when they arrive. Embrace the understanding of life at a much more mature level. Most importantly stop caring so much. Relinquish the want for control over all situations and people. Care only about the things that truely matter to you. Don't be obsessed with other people's actions and characteristics, their choices are their choices, it's all about your reactions to them. Be free in you, even if they're not free in them. That's their reality, not yours. The better decisions you make now the less bad habits you'll have to break when you're old and stuck in your ways. And last but not at all least, be good to you, first. The better you are to yourself the better in turn you'll be to everyone you care about. Be selfish! It's your turn, who's going to be good to you if you're not good to yourself?
So, embrace 30! Stop bitching! It's way better than you could ever imagine.