Friday, August 13, 2010

New Ideas

So, being a self promotor is tough business. Getting yourself out there and showing people that you do something different is super tricky. So, being the creative person I am, I've thought of a new fun idea. Yoga Party Nights, this is for you and your friends to gather at someone's house for a fun girl's night, invite me over for the first hour. We'll have a nice, not too strenuous class, but filled with fun. And then you all party the night away. This could coincide with a nice dinner, movie night, whatever you want. Talk about a bonding experience! Great for mother/daughter gatherings. I also know quite a bit of partner yoga so that can be used too. This of course does not have to just be for women, men if you're getting ready for a kayaking or hiking trip I can teach you ways to keep you bodies safe and stretched out. And of course, great for couples. I think this is a great way to introduce your friends and partners to yoga in a safe, fun, non intimidating environment.

Also, I'm still offering privates for whoever wants them. Privates let me know your needs and meet you there. I can work with you on a much deeper level in this kind of environment. We all have specific body issues, so why not let someone help you with them in a super nourishing relationship.

I'm also at Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts in Westhampton on Monday nights at 5:30pm and Friday nights for a Really Restorative Class @ 5:30pm also. Just until the end of August Yoga in the Yard Saturdays 4-5pm.

Everybody is welcome to contact me about any of these possibilities. I want to be able to give to everyone no matter how young or old, flexible or not. I will work with you right where you are. We all begin somewhere and I certainly honor that. Yoga is all about meeting you where you are. I look forward to talking to each one of you.

Friday, July 30, 2010

August and hopefully beyond......

So this month they're are a couple changes in my yoga schedule. I'm working at Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts in Westhampton Monday 5:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm, and just through August and weather permitting a little into September Yoga in the Yard Saturdays 4-5pm. Also starting Aug. 8th at The Villa Paul in Hampton Bays will be hosting a Sunday 10am class. So those are the public classes right now. But, I'm also doing a lot of Private classes with anyone who wants them. So, I'm VERY, VERY open to taking on more. I LOVE privates. They give me the opertunity to get to know the student's needs on a totally different level.

So, overall, I'm really digging this schedule. I really like having the opertunity to cater to everyone. So, feel free to call if you want a private, 631-708-6098 or check my Facebook for super current listings of classes.
I'm subbing classes randomly too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yoga classes galore!

So, now that the Hamptons Summer season is in full swing, I have so many class options for all of you to choose from. I'm working excluesivly at Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts in Westhampton, Ny. I'm teaching the Beginner's Club classes on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-7pm. Those are based on the very mechanics of Yoga everything from the breath to breaking down individual poses. These exist so that you can build a foundation in Yoga and not feel so lost in the sometimes overwhelming yoga world. Next I'm teaching 2 Yoga in the Yard classes Wednesday and Saturdays from 4-5pm. These are VERY family friendly. Open to everyone, these are really about having tons of fun. Lastly I'm teaching a couple of weekend Gentle Flow classes on Saturday at 8am and Sunday 9am. These are all about rolling around on the ground and listening to your body. Totally open to anyone, ANY shapes and sizes.
With that said, let's have fun. Come and hangout and really just have a good time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thirty Oh Thirty

The year of 30,
So many people are afraid of 30. Don't be scared, 30 is the best age so far...... You relinquish all the searchings of your 20's and have the opportunity to embrace a new more realistic you. Be at ease with the new coming. Understand that life has stages and experience makes these stages more beautiful when they arrive. Embrace the understanding of life at a much more mature level. Most importantly stop caring so much. Relinquish the want for control over all situations and people. Care only about the things that truely matter to you. Don't be obsessed with other people's actions and characteristics, their choices are their choices, it's all about your reactions to them. Be free in you, even if they're not free in them. That's their reality, not yours. The better decisions you make now the less bad habits you'll have to break when you're old and stuck in your ways. And last but not at all least, be good to you, first. The better you are to yourself the better in turn you'll be to everyone you care about. Be selfish! It's your turn, who's going to be good to you if you're not good to yourself?
So, embrace 30! Stop bitching! It's way better than you could ever imagine.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Life

Many things have changed since my last post. Obviously since it's been almost 2 years. I'm about to graduate as a Yoga Instructor having my 200 hour Certification. I'm very excited to be teaching in a context that provides so many good things for so many people. My art has been coming along for the ride as my creativity has boosted dramaticly. I've gone back to the Buddha too. Letting his teachings influence my life in every way possible. So this will be my main venue for schedule postings and all other updates in my yogic and art and music life. Currently my band is practicing a lot with goals of playing out sometime this summer. So there's a lot of fun going on in my world so keep looking at my blog for current listings.