Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Yoga and Arts

Just to update you with what I'm up to.

My yoga world is going amazing, I'm teaching almost everyday, I still need a couple days off. I have mostly private classes, good for me, not as good for the public. Although, I'm still fulfilling my philosophy that "Yoga should be for everyone." I have a couple classes at the schools in Hampton Bays and one at the Sachem Library in Holbrook. Even though these classes are private I still am able to give yoga to all people. The Thursday night Middle School community Adult Ed class is about to reopen, if you would like to sign up call the Hampton Bays High School. The dates of this class are from March 10th through April 28th with April 20th off for Spring break. I'm also doing at home private classes at a very reasonable prices. Call for an appointment 631*708*6098.

So on the art front I'm doing a lot of sculpture work mostly paper mache, often times monster or goblin related. Also I'm working toward publishing the first of my children's stories. Overall the winter is treating me quite well.

One more thing if you really want to shake the winter blues, my husband DJ Netface and I are still doing Yoga Parties, he brings a small DJ set and we do some grooving yoga. These are really fun classes invite your friends and then enjoy the rest of the evening feeling nicely stretched out and relaxed.
Thanks again everyone I hope to hear from you,
-Yogi Andrea

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