Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to Nuclear Farms

I've been looking for a venue to host Nuclear Farms for quite awhile.  After much debate over the best way to showcase my world to the world, I finally landed on the thought of a blog. 
The purpose of this blog is to showcase my progress as an artist, and to hopefully create excitement in people through my work.
Nuclear Farms is really funny concept to me.  I may have a wacky sense of humor, but it's fun.  A perfect example is Cletus Von Snaggletooth!  He's a mutant, carni folk.  He sells balloons to the little children.  His theme song is ''We Only Come Out at Night'', by the Smashing Pumpkins.  Funny?  Yeah, you think it's funny.  Like I said a little whacky, but very fun.  
Well, welcome again to Nuclear Farms, and keep watching, they'll be pieces for everyone.
Enjoy, andrea  
P.S. Don't be scared of Cletus, he's sweet, just a little misunderstood.  


  1. I see Dan in the background of your picture

  2. I will help defend him from the evil horde of mice and their evil micely king!

    Hey, this is Sabin...

    My moratorium on using the internet is over, which means I get to check out your "shiznit!"

    Here's the scoop: You should go to http://osx.iusethis.com/app/grab

    and I think you can download Grab from there. If not, just email me the website and I'll get the picture for you.


    Let's be crafty and metal(lic?)! Yes, let's!)

  3. Hey Andrea,

    Miss you at work.

    Just got back from PDX.

    Hopefully you will put more of your work up for peeps to see.

    I still got a gift for you.